About Multitech

Multitech – about us

Multitech is a company that offers an innovative combination of multimedia and modern technologies.

We provide comprehensive video solutions for business and public institutions throughout the country.

We are enthusiastic and passionate about our work. We cover all aspects of events: image, multimedia, sound, light and, in particular, audio-video productions, online transmissions or innovative multimedia presentations. We cater for conferences, corporate meetings, symposiums, galas and a range of other events and are distinguished by our performance and work results.

We have built a great team always ready to take on new projects. The market successes of our customers are also our successes, which is why we carry out the tasks entrusted to us with great precision.

We take an individual approach to every project, even the easy-to-follow ones, and are thus distinguished by our rapid response to changing business needs of our clients.

We keep on growing: Multitech is a part of our SZOK Event Group – www.szok.biz

about multitech

What is our mission?

MULTITECH’s mission is to be the national IT market leader in multimedia services for all types of events. We aim to achieve this position by providing our customers with innovative and top-quality services and professional technical support. Top-quality service guarantees full satisfaction – we are competent event consultants.

We are different because we respond quickly to changes in our customers’ business needs, continuously increasing our service quality, maintaining and improving our technical infrastructure. We are constantly keeping up to date with the latest technological trends and then putting them into practice.

Why are we different and special?

We respect our customer and always try to maximise the fit with their needs. We understand the need for change, diversity and innovation. We have individual approach to each customer. We strive to have our clients fully relying on us and enjoying the success of their brand with complete confidence, thanks to our services.


But, first of all, we care to:

– become a partner and advisor to all clients looking for event and multimedia solutions
– meet the expectations and ambitions of our customers through a constant striving for perfection
– build customer confidence by providing them with products and services of the best quality


Daniel Kostrzewa

Daniel Kostrzewa

Graduate in two fields of study at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Krakow University of Technology. Long-time activist for the student community nationally, business coach specialising mainly in preparation to public speaking. Passionate about travel and sport, he tries to combine his passions with his conquests of the world.


His motto:

“Turn each obstacle into opportunity”

Michał Pawluś

Michał Pawluś

Graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Cracow University of Technology, majoring in “Electronic media management”. Coordinator of many projects and events, a taskmaster unafraid to take on new challenges.

Michał believes that

A target set = a target achieved