Internet transmissions – live streaming

We have equipment facilities that enable us to transmit video in Full HD quality. We record video and sound in the highest possible quality, and after transmission, the recordings are placed on our server where the client can download them at any time.

Several to more than dozen FullHD cameras

We have mobile transmission sets capable of carrying out transmissions for television and the Internet. Cameras are connected either wired in HDSDI standard or HDSDI standard or wirelessly. Our operators have a wireless duplex communication system.


Top quality vision equipment

We only use proven equipment from well-known brands, i.e. Blackmagic, Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Blackmagic, Roland, so our transmissions are reliable and user-friendly. Digital video mixers, XDCAM cameras, state-of-the-art workstations and H264 encoders ensure the highest quality of our services.



Experienced team

We are a young, creative and, importantly, experienced team. Our operators prove themselves in all stage and weather conditions – things may happen but they DO NOT happen to us.


Airing for screens, wall screens, projectors

The broadcast or a separate signal can also be displayed on screens, monitors, telebims. Our signal can reach many places at the same time. We increase the appeal of the event and communication with the audience. We offer our own screens and can arrange extra equipment for any venue.

Visual and graphic setting

A well-prepared production should have a coherent visual setting, which is why we prepare all the necessary materiały graficzne and video materials: promotional spots, caption bars, interludes, boards. We can enhance our productions with all kinds of graphics and animations and add shots using a camera tap or drone.


Streaming server

We have a server infrastructure capable of handling several thousand recipients at the highest quality of transmission. We can broadcast simultaneously to any of the social networks Facebook, YouTube, Twich, etc.



Replay system

These are mainly sporting events that require to verify or rerun the most important moments that happened a few seconds ago. By using the replay system in our broadcasts and vision productions, we can include the necessary replays that are the basis of such events.


Viewing statistics

After the live transmission to the Internet, we provide our clients viewing reports with all the necessary information, such as the number of viewers, average viewing time, highest number of simultaneous transmissions, etc.


Our webcasts are secure and playable by viewers on all digital devices digital devices: laptops, tablets, smartphones: iPhone, Blackberry, Android. We do the streaming on the event’s website, Facebook channel, YouTube or via dedicated links. Our webcasts are secure and playable by viewers on all digital devices: laptops, tablets, smartphones: iPhone, Blackberry, Android. We do the streaming on the event’s website, Facebook channel, YouTube or via dedicated links. Broadcasts can be password-protected which helps limiting viewers and giving access. Each viewer may adjust volume, change resolution and rewind.


Video recording

Live broadcasting has its short life mainly on the Internet. It is good practice to record the sum of the video and audio signal for later use. It is possible to record a mix of the signal or the image from each camera separately in the form of the so-called. raw or using the H264 codec.


Conferences, Culture, Entertainment, Sport – LIVE


Your event live-streamed on the Internet via the Internet – on-line streaming


We broadcast sporting events using scoreboards and a replay system.


IT and similar conferences usually use transmission of images from the speaker’s laptop to the screen and to the broadcast. By using the PiP (Picture in Picture) method, we can place the captured image from the laptop on the background of the conference together with a silhouette of the speaker to achieve the maximum cohesion of the transmitted content.


Press conferences are organised mainly for the press. Very rarely is the image of a press conference televised despite the high interest in the topic. We produce multi-camera press conference broadcasts using the best available solutions.


It is worthwhile for political debates to have a wider audience especially during the upcoming elections. In addition to the online transmission, we create the entire visual setting for the debates – lighting, sound, countdown monitors, animations, graphics.


Training is a broadcast characterised by the specificity of placing the broadcast playback window on a website to which access has to be purchased or as an invitation to a live workshop.


This type of realisation requires the transmission of the hall with very low latency by using a 1-1 connection, i.e. from one broadcasting location we send the image to another, e.g. a lecture theatre in a university. This type of connection allows free communication between people from different rooms.


It is good company practice to broadcast the general meeting. It is good company practice to broadcast the general meeting. We supply all the infrastructure needed to carry out such a broadcast, including the sound system for the conference room.

Streaming platforms.

Simultaneous transmission to one or multiple platforms. In addition, we can broadcast with simultaneous live interpretation (in several languages) and sign language interpretation. We broadcast to: Youtube portal, Facebook portal, Twich portal, external servers and other platforms

Simultaneous transmission to 3 servers/portals is also possible.

streaming on youtube
streaming on facebook
streaming on vimeo
streaming on twitch
streaming on twitter
streaming on microsoft teams
streaming on zoom
streaming on livestream
streaming on ustream
streaming on restream
streaming on dacast
streaming on clickmeeting
streaming on wowza
streaming on linkedin

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